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Using FoodMarble AIRE to improve your gut health

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Research continuously demonstrates that one of the best ways to achieve good gut health is by eating a varied and colourful diet, aiming for 30 to 40 different plant foods per week. When dealing with a condition like IBS that may sound daunting as so many plant foods are high in FODMAPs and can trigger symptoms like bloating, wind, abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhoea.

When individuals receive an IBS diagnosis, they are often told to follow a low FODMAP diet to reduce symptoms but very little information is provided regarding reintroduction of foods as well as how following such diet for an indefinite period of time can be detrimental to our gut health. According to researches, the low FODMAP diet considerably reduces the total abundance of our good gut bacteria and as we now know, having many different bacterial strains in our gut is of extreme importance as they play an essential role in our overall health.

Those trillions of microorganisms that live inside us are responsible for harvesting energy from the foods that we eat, improving gut motility and function, reinforcing gut barrier, protecting us against pathogens, synthesising vitamins and hormones, bolstering the immune system and much more. So when we remove all FODMAPs from our diet, we may be keeping symptoms at bay but can actually be causing more harm than good to our overall health.

It is uncommon that someone that suffers with IBS reacts to all FODMAPs but more often than not individuals end up reducing the intake of all of them because they do not know which one triggers their symptoms - that is where FoodMarble AIRE can be a fantastic tool to help you identify your triggers and at the same time increase your food diversity and improve your gut health. Perhaps you have cut down your intake of fruits and vegetables high in fructose but that is not a trigger for your symptoms; or you have removed foods high in inulin, a super important prebiotic fibre that serves as food for our gut bacteria, but that is not the problem for you either.

FoodMarble can help identify and keep track of how you feel as you reintroduce new foods to your diet after following a restrictive diet. Or if you want to go one step ahead, their FODMAP challenge is a quick and easy tool to learn what currently works or does not work for you. You can also customise the challenge by using small doses of each FODMAP and you may learn that you tolerate a specific FODMAP in smaller doses - an important asset to keep in mind when trying to hit that 30 to 40 different plant foods I previously mentioned.

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