I am deeply passionate about what I do

And there is nothing more rewarding than to see my clients thrive. Due to my own health journey, I have a distinct ability to connect with them and understand what they are going through. I know how exhausting and debilitating it is to deal with a health condition on a daily basis and how much that affects every sector of our lives.
I am a registered and insured Nutritional Therapist and hold a certification from the world-renowned Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) in Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice.



What Happy Guts Have Said

"Marilia has been incredible in helping me understand the root cause of years worth of digestive issues and the best treatment.
She has an in-depth knowledge of the latest research, tests and supplements, she’s also very supportive and motivating. I have never been so close to finally feeling 100%. You’re in good hands when you come to Marilia!"

Marina L.

"After a horrid bought of gastritis a few years back my digestive system was compromised and it has not been the same since. I have tried elimination diets, pills and potions but nothing that has got to the root of the issue then I was lucky enough to find Marilia. I have been following her guidelines for 2 months now and feel so much better, my tiredness has improved, my bloating has subsided and my skin and hair feel better. Overall I am so happy and will continue to strive to include her recommendations in my daily life."

Charlotte L.

"I struggled with energy levels for most of my life. I hardly ever woke up feeling refreshed, always had a headache and used to rely on caffeine to keep me going.
Marilia was able to transform my health by adjusting my diet based on what worked for me and my body. In a matter of months I was able to run 10km and still had energy left to enjoy the rest of my day."

Serkan D.


Gut health, nutrition and functional medicine are evolving fields - here are some of the latest courses I have attended to keep myself up to date!

Navigating the Complexity of The GI Microbiome in Clinical Practice

Navigating The Gluten-free Minefield:

Keeping clients healthy on a GF diet isn't easy - why GF is a prerequisite in wheat-related disorders, but not the treatment

Systemic Chronic Inflammation, Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine

The Healing Power Of Nutrition:

How diet can reshape gut microbiome and influence the balance between health and disease

The Microbiome as an Endocrine Organ

Navigating Gastrointestinal Assessment and Function

The Microbiome’s Control of Immune Function

The Gut-Skin Axis

SIBO: Getting to The Underlying Cause

Preventing SIBO Relapse with Prokinetics

Digestive Enzyme Therapy: A Review and Updated of Clinical Use

Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Constipation

The Ecosystem of The Digestive System; Microbial and Host Marker Patterns of Health and Disease